Welcome to the Site Dedicated to Exact Software’s Synergy Module.

On this site, you will find tools, manuals and tips that have been developed and published to enhance your organization’s use of Synergy.

This product is used by customers around the world, and has been interfaced with Back Office products such as Macola ES, Macola Progression, JobBoss, Max or Globe.  It may also be used as a stand-alone product and can be interfaced into other Back Office Accounting products.

Synergy is a product that can meet different requirements for different organizations.  Many customers utilize Synergy’s Account Management functionality as a first step.  As they begin to solve business issues related to CRM, customers find other applications that can help them organize and manage their business activities and documents.

This leads to enhanced use of workflow and document management.  Quite often, a department will find the use of Projects can be beneficial and this module will satisfy other requirements.  This leads to an organization that is constantly trying to improve their processes, making them more efficient at servicing customers.


We have Developed and Discovered Tools that will provide more functionality to your Synergy Implementation.

Many of our tools are product specific Synergy Classic (ASP) or Synergy Enterprise.  Please call us if you see a tool that is shown to be developed for a product in which you do not utilize that you desire.


Our Published Manuals Provide Additional Knowledge on specific Synergy functionality.

These Manuals provide information that Exact’s modules skim over quickly and more depth is required to effectively utilize Synergy.

Customizing Synergy

Following this link will provide examples of Custom Applications that can be made to your Synergy.

We work with both Synergy Enterprise and Synergy Classic (ASP) in customizing the products for your specific business requirements.  Bring us your needs and ideas to make your software work smarter for you organization.

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