Training&SupportOn our site, you will find tools, manuals and tips that have been developed and published to enhance your organization’s use of Synergy Enterprise. Synergy can help solve many business issues for organizations, including a “Single Source of Data” for all employees, if used to its potential.

We work with clients that utilize Synergy Enterprise with the following environments interfacing:

  • Macola EM10
  • Exact Online
  • Macola ES
  • Macola Progression
  • Globe
  • JobBoss
  • MAX
  • Stand-Alone Installations

With over 116 years of cumulative experience using Exact Macola Software products and staying up to date with training and maintaining our certifications, we stay at the leading edge. Combine that with real world business experience, we have been helping customers to define, simplify, and in some cases, even automate workflow process.

Whether through better definitions, leveraging the use of Synergy or where appropriate, the use of one of our companion tools, we work with you to gain better visibility, accountability, or “report ability” for those decisions that are made daily, weekly or monthly to achieve your measurement of success.