Dave18Organizations purchase Synergy for a number of reasons. Some wish to consolidate corporate information into a single database, sharing information with employees. Of course, only employees with the correct security level.

Other clients use Synergy to assist in managing their accounts, including Customers, Prospects and Vendors to ensure that tasks that need to be completed are carried out. At the same time, a single database to view all account interactions.

Document Management can be very beneficial, especially for Accounts that are ISO certified or have ongoing internal Quality Management Improvement Processes. Your documentation requirements, such as document versions and approvals are standard functions within Synergy.

And of course, our integration with Microsoft Office products will allow the creation and storage into Synergy to become a simple process.

You may wish to use Synergy’s Project Management functions to help you manage tasks such as trade shows or marketing campaigns. Our Human Resources module will provide a secure database for documents such as employee reviews. Or notifications of upcoming recertifications for your employees.

There are many reasons Synergy can assist your organization. Follow the links on the right to gain further knowledge.