> CRM EventPak

> Procurement / Purchase Requisitions

> Rules Engine for Requests & Cards

> Customer Portal Order Entry


> Synergy & Phone Integration

> Exact Online Integration with Synergy

> SalesForce Integration with Synergy

> Document Scanning into Synergy

Tools - Workflow Plus

> Additional Free Fields in Workflows

> Hyperlinks in Workflows

> HTML & Formatting in Workflows

> Spell Check in Workflows

> Auto Timestamp in Workflows

> Multiple Approvers in Workflow

> Reports on Synergy Cards

> Reports Within Workflows

> Workflow Request Field Security

> Planned & Multiple Assigning of Workflow

> Workflow Field Available In New Mode Only

> Workflow Reference Fields

> Workflow Browse Fields

> Cascading Prompts with Workflow Fields

> Lists in Requests

> Workflow Request Search

> Bulk Updates to Request Fields

> Bulk Actions in Workflow Requests

> Save & Open Button

> Workflow e-Mail Notifications

> Workflow e-Mail

> Multiple Purchase Limits in Requests

Tools - Account Management / CRM Plus

> CRM Plus Account Card Free Fields

> CRM Plus Contact Card Free Fields

> CRM Plus Opportunity Card Free Fields

> CRM Plus Quotations

> CRM Plus Account Search

> Account Code Ranges

> Organizational Relationship

> Customer Comment Tracking

> Zip Code Search

Tools – Document Plus

> Use Free Fields When Saving Documents

> Link Multiple Accounts to a Document

> Link Multiple Items to a Document

> Multiple Approvers for Documents

Tools – Project Plus

> Projects

> Project Plus Search

Tools – Import Plus

> Import Projects into Synergy

> Import Items into Synergy

> Import Sales Opportunities into Synergy

> Import Workflow Requests into Synergy

> Import Employees into Synergy

> Import Documents into Synergy

> Import Accounts into Synergy

> Import Contacts into Synergy

Tools - Human Resources

> Roles Plus

> Role Access Levels

> Employee Training - Recertification

> Tracking of Employee Data for Licenses

> Time Entry Tracking

Tools - System

> Explorer View on Start Pages within Synergy

Tools - Knowledge Management

> KnowledgeBase

> Product Registration

Tools - Quality Management

> Gage Certifications

Tools - System Administration

> Recode and Rename

The current version of the software tools will be listed here.  In order to use these tools, it becomes necessary to have a current license.  The license can be purchased from our organization.

Tools                                                                     Version                                      Installer                                           Manual

  • Workflow Plus                                        xx                                                    Download                                           Download
  • Multiple Approver                               xx                                                    Download                                           Download
  • Free Fields                                               xx                                                    Download                                           Download
  • Report on Cards                                    xx                                                    Download                                           Download
  • Request Field Visibility                     xx                                                     Download                                           Download
  • Account Code Ranges                        xx                                                     Download                                           Download
  • e-Mail Notification                              xx                                                     Download                                           Download
  • Workflow e-Mail                                   xx                                                     Download                                           Download