Validation Logic may be added to a workflow request with Synergy Enterprise.  Information can be validated at the time a workflow request is being Created, or a Status change is being made (from Approved to Realized), as an example.

In this example, logic was built into their workflow request that if the Resource has three or more workflow requests of a certain type (Sick Days), then before the fourth could be submitted in a calendar year, an additional field would need to be selected.  A custom error message was created to inform the resource of the reason that this request could not be completed.

If you have information that needs to be validated before it goes into Synergy, this may be a customization that would appeal to you.

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Having the logic built into a request will allow an organization to have an additional field completed (selected) before a status change.

Another example of this functionality might be defined that if a certain field has a value in it (or doesn’t), then an additional optional field may need to be selected as a mandatory field.

This field may not be mandatory at the time of the workflow request being displayed for a Resource.