This is our most commonly done personalization within Synergy sites.  In our CRM EventPak, we have added the functionality to create a “Notes” workflow request from either the Account Card or Contact Card.  This enables notes and planned future actions to become easily created with a single click of the mouse.


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From the Account Card, we pass the Account Name over to the workflow request.  When clicking the button link from the Contact Card, we bring over both the Account and Contact fields.  Bringing these values to the request saves additional key strokes and searching for information using the browsers.

Buttons may be added to many of the pages in Synergy Enterprise.  Other buttons are used on Item, Project or Opportunity cards to bring up custom screens, documents or links to workflows.  When building links to create new requests from other cards, fields from them may be used to autofill values.

As shown in this example, multiple buttons (Notes and CRM – displayed below) can be added to a single card.

This is a great way to reduce the number of keystrokes that your resources may have to click from a card.