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Using Synergy and the InterConnect module, it is quite easy to create a Sales Quote for either Macola ES or Progression.

One of our accounts did not want their employees to have the full quoting functionality, which was part of the out-of-the-box solution with the InterConnect enhancement.

We were asked to use a standard “Multiple Type” workflow that they had developed and as a byproduct of the request, a quote was created.

Our solution was to utilize the specific workflow request that a Resource could fill out in Synergy.  Click on the image to enlarge the request.

Once submitted (and if necessary approved), we utilize the Event Manager to build the Quote in Macola automatically. Or you may need to have an SSRS report generated to supply to your account with quote details.

Once created, other individuals could review the quote and if correct, turn it into an order with a single keystroke from within Macola.

This same concept could be used for Projects, Opportunities, Items, Opportunities and other cards.  An organization may need to create a sales invoice created in Macola (or other back office software) based upon information from a request.  Ask us how we can accomplish this request.