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Customers commonly ask us to modify specific search browsers within Synergy.  Other fields with data can be inserted into their browser screen or fields currently displayed needed to be suppressed.

This can be done by modifying the browser search SQL statements in the Repository.  One caveat in making a change like this requires a review of all places where this particular browser is used within Synergy.

Changes like this affect all Resources using the browser.  This needs to be discussed with your Synergy consultant, reviewing all ramifications for this change.

Additionally, New Browsers may be created and used for searching purposes.  This can be especially useful when working with our tool to create new browsers and validate information in a Synergy request from outside databases.

Imagine having data from your back office software (or an alternative database) and having it displayed in a Synergy browser for insertion into a workflow request.  In this example, the normal Phone field has been replaced by the E-Mail field.

Make it easier for your Resources to interact with Synergy, with validated data.