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Using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), data from your back-office software or from Synergy can be reviewed by Resources as long as they have a connection to the Report Server.

Our organization can create reports that will provide valuable insight into the data that is stored in your database(s).  These reports may contain hyperlinks back to the data or may have visual charts or graphs, making it easy to view the data.

Alternatively, you may need to move data from your database(s) and export it into an Excel format.  We can create export files, either for a single purpose such as a special report or the files may be used frequently to view data that is frequently changing.

If your organization is using the Navigator with your Macola ES software, additional views can be created by modifying existing or developing new reports.

Reports may also be developed using Crystal Reports by our staff.  Viewing of those reports are limited to Resources when accessing Synergy with outside internet access.