document-storageFor many organizations, information management is limited to a bunch of loosely organized files on the network: a digital haystack where documents can easily be lost.

Document management with Synergy provides:

  • The storage of documents, e–mails and files in a central repository
  • Bulk Upload / Download of Documents
  • Integration of Microsoft Office tools, such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint though Synergy Office Integration Tools
  • Able to Mail Merge Letters & e-Mails (Single & Bulk)
  • Create Individualized Document Types
  • Manage documents with Version Control
  • Create Your Document Security Levels
  • Documents may be linked to Accounts, Contacts, Items, Projects, Sales Opportunities and Resources
  • Advanced search filtering options, including full text search
  • Check in / check out functionality
  • Document approval processes
  • Utilize FDA Security Features (If required for your business)
  • Electronically distribute documents to others
  • Create Portals from within Synergy
  • Document linkage with Workflow Requests
  • Audit trails regarding the viewing of documents by resources