This tool is used to create a sales quotation or order in Exact’s Globe or other Back Office ERP software packages.

In standard Synergy, you can configure a sales quotation but the options are limited, with the information staying only in the Synergy database. Using this tool, workflow  sales order functionalities can be built into the Synergy quotation and sales cycle for your Back Office ERP software.

Functionality with this tool includes:

  • Availability of description fields
  • The option to link the quotation to the steps in a workflow
  • Free fields are available in header and lines
  • Option to select the Delivery & the Invoice debtor
  • Option to select delivery address
  • Availability of all sales order conditional fields
  • Price lists from your Back Office ERP software
  • Calculation fields, such as net prices
  • Insert lines or move lines
  • All fields available in Word Merges
  • Integration with Exact’s Globe and other ERP Software packages for Sales Order entry
  • Integration with Synergy sales cycle, from opportunity to quotation

This is another option for your resources to enter sales orders into your Back Office ERP software using workflow like entry and approval process before sending to prospects and customers.