A Synergy StartPage may be enhanced with the addition of this tool. Browse in a similar fashion as you would searching for a document in Microsoft Windows Explorer. By clicking on the plus (+) or minus (-) sign at the left panel, you may expand or collapse the view.

During the initial setup, you indicate which entities, document types and request types you want your view to display. As an example, that can be Accounts by the categories prospect, customer, lead and suspect or document types by request for quotation, quotation and order confirmation. You also want the Explorer view to display your Workflow requests by type, Projects (parent & child) and HRM by document types.

It is also easy to create a document or a workflow request, you browse through to your folders by clicking + or – . If you create a document based on the ‘tree’, data is already pre-populated. If tree set-up is division, account, project, document and you click those entities the account, project and document type are already pre-filled.

This tool will make it easy to find documents and requests, and allow the creation of the same entities.