Using the HRM Card is Synergy, customers often say they do not have enough free fields for all of the information that they need to tracky.  Quite often, they come back to us and ask:  “How can you assist me, I have run out of free fields in a resource card”.

Utilizing this application called “HRM Plus Free Fields”, 140 additional fields have been added for insertion into opportunities.  Use them as you would use any standard Synergy project free fields.

The field types and quantities added include:
•20 Free Text
•20 Free Date
•20 Free Yes /No
•20 Free Amount
•25 Free Number
•25 Free GUIDs
•10 Long Text Comment

Quick Facts
•Labeling fields same as standard Synergy
•Displaying field options are similar
•Use of these fields in standard Synergy “Searches”
•GUIDs can access topics such as

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Requests
  • People
  • Items
  • Assortments
  • Projects
  • Units
  • VATs