This tool allows an organization to import Items from a Excel file into your Synergy database.  these items will stay in the Synergy “Items” table and will not be moved into any back office software packages automatically.

This functionality is perfect to use when you add items into Synergy and want them to stay as “Synergy Only” items.  These items could include entering machines within your production facilities, that you wish to track maintenance activities.  Or items, such as process steps to be used to track progress and checked tasks within projects.

An Excel spreadsheet is created with data on these new Items. This spreadsheet includes the fields that can be selected for the metadata to be stored properly within each item.

A mapping of data from the database and the Excel spreadsheet is used.

When imported into Synergy using these fields, new items will be created.  Items already in Synergy may be updated with new information, if desired.

A single item may have 10 images stored in the database, provided the GLM System’s Logistic Plus Free Field Tool is used.

Items can be imported by a System Administrator or other Resources that have the rights for this importing process.  Templates can be built to allow similar Excel sheets to be uploaded
without re-mapping of fields.

Standard Item free fields and GLM System’s free fields may be used within the importing process.

This tool will allow an organization to save documents from a file structure into your Synergy.