This tool “KnowledgeBase” is designed to assist Synergy customers with starting their use of Synergy and assisting support or customer service representatives with account inquiries and answers.

In many organizations, Customer Service departments take phone calls and answers questions, transfer the call to other employees or assist in finding a solution themselves. Much of the knowledge that an employee has gained has been gathered through conversations with customers and other employees that may have already found a solution.

Rather than each employee keeping in their mind, post-it notes along their monitors or notepads with possible solutions, we have an alternative solution. Synergy is excellent in having the ability to store information that you or other individuals at your organization have entered.

Using a KnowledgeBase workflow request will allow your staff to enter all type of information into the system. When the same person or another employee needs to answer a similiar inquiry, they may do a quick search in Synergy to see if other staff members may have posted a possible solution. All of this is done without having to leave your desk and Synergy.

Incorporating a search for the possible solutions might be filtered by a specific item or customer or may just be a few words. A search incorporating filters such as this may enhance your customer service department. And at the same time allow employees with less time on the job to sound like they have been there for years with a high level of experience.