Our phone interface allows your customer service, sales or other staff to more effectively utilize your phone system with Synergy Enterprise.

This will enable the easier collection of information from phone calls into the Synergy database.  It will also allow users to quickly review previous conversations and discussion topics which may be brought up in this call.

To begin, Resources log into their phone system.  This informs the phone system the office and phone extension where the resource is located.  An auxiliary phone table is created in the SQL database.  This allows additional phone numbers to be used by the integration to identify incoming calls at the Account or Contact level.

When a call comes in, either the Account Card or Contact Card is pulled up in a “New” window.  If the number is assigned to an Account, the Account Card will be shown; otherwise the Contact Card will be displayed.  The appropriate Synergy screen-pop will appear on whatever client workstation the call is being received on, regardless of whether the call comes in via a direct dial or transfer.

If the Caller’s ID is not recognized by Synergy, a Synergy Account Search window will appear on the screen in a new window.  If the Resource determines that this is an additional phone number for an account or contact to be saved, they will be able to use the standard Synergy search functionality to select the relationship for the number and store the number.

If the Resource does not wish to store this number to an Account or Contact, they close the window.

To change any of the standard Synergy Account or Contact phone numbers or other numbers displayed on the cards, a Resource will use the “Edit” button on the card.

We have conversed with many providers of “VOIP” phone systems and can use our tool.  As part of the discussions on this tool with your organization, we will need to speak with your phone reseller to ensure that pre-requisites are met.

The cost of this tool is $2,000 for capturing Inbound Calls and displaying the card.

Outbound calling will require assistance from your phone reseller to assist in this process.  They may have tools that already provide this functionality or at an additional cost, these widgets may be developed.