This tool which has been developed for use in Synergy Enterprise allows you to automate your procurement process from the initial purchase requisition up to the creation of the purchase order.

This tool is available for Exact Online, Exact Globe and other ERP back office software integration.  The entire process has been developed through workflow requests and customized screens for entry and viewing of data.

The following functionality is included in this tool:

  • Creating Purchase Requisitions
  • Personalization of Purchase Requisitions using self-defined templates
  • Managing the Process Approval for a Purchase Requisition
  • Creation of Request for Quotations (RFQ) to Vendors
  • Personalization of RFQ’s using MS Word Merge
  • Automated e-mails
  • Evaluation / Selection of RFQ Vendors from a On-screen review process using a matrix
  • Creation of Purchase Orders as an Automatic Process within the back office software product
  • After vendor selection and prior to the purchase order being created, multiple (budgetary) approvals can be set up
  • Workflow requests provide features as: multiple approval, cost assigning, budget management

The Benefits in using this tool include:

  • Full control of procurement process
  • From purchase requisition, vendor selection, and other tasks within the process are fully visible within the Synergy framework

For organizations that do not need the creation of the purchase order in your ERP back office accounting / distribution software, we can provide this solution.