As a customer you are asking support how to recode 1,000 items?  And the answer today is to enter them one by one via the Synergy Enterprise master data application by opening every screen.

With the Exact Synergy Enterprise Recode Plus tool, this busy work does not need to occur.  You can now easily recode by a batch process by importing the new data from an Excel file.

The tool is a stand alone application which is used outside of Synergy Enterprise.  This means that all topics / entitities which can be recoded are easily accessible from one location.

With the Exact Synergy Enterprise Recode Plus application, the process of recoding is done in the following steps:

  • User will prepare Excel file
  • Select Excel file for import and click import
  • Choose which column is the to be recoded value and which column is the new value and choose which row contains the first record
  • Records loaded into application
  • Click process and all records will be recoded and renamed
  • During recoding status will be updated
  • After recoding the result will be shown in HTML

The following topics for recoding are supported:

  • Accounts
  • Cost centers
  • General ledger
  • Items
  • People
  • Projects