Viewing and Managing the Hierarchy within Synergy contacts has always been a hit or miss proposition. Using this tool, viewing these Relationships between the contacts within an account can be managed.

Know at a glance, who reports to whom. This information is extremely important for organizations to have, but managing and updating this data has been difficult. Using Synergy, any Resource with the proper security level can update contact’s information on their Contact Card.

This tool includes 5 levels of Resources for each account, plus a sixth level labeled “Consultant” that allows for outside individuals that are linked to the Account to display.

This tool is available as a Microsoft SQL Reporting Services document for customers using Synergy Enterprise. When used with Synergy Enterprise, two Free Field in the table holding Contacts are used (Text 3 & Text 4). If you are already using these fields, we can modify the report to allow the use of other free text fields.

You can access this report from the Reports hyperlink in the Monitor section. Alternatively using an additional tool that we sell to display this report, the “Reports on Cards” in Synergy Enterprise, it may be viewed from an Account Card without the need to click a hyperlink.