Do you ever worry about managing the roles and rights for your Resources!  Do they have the correct values?  Can they be viewing or modifying data that should not be available to them.

When you create a new employee you’ll have to think about which roles you have to assign to let the employee do their work.

An employee that changes job needs new functionalities. The change of their roles should be done at the moment the employee starts in his or her new job to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Beforehand they still need their old roles. This asks for a manual action with the right timing.

All actions for managing the roles and rights are manual actions. You run the risk that your colleagues won’t get the functionalities they deserve based on their function or they get to many rights and your company runs a risk.

Apart from the standard functionalities, an employee gets assigned there are always exceptions.  Once you’ve assigned the additional roles and rights to employees, you can’t compare them to your default.

You define the roles per division, per cost centre, per job group, per job title or a combination of these four elements with which your colleagues get access to the functionalities of Exact Synergy Enterprise.

At project level, roles can be automatically assigned and removed from project members based on the start date and end date of the membership.

Through a workflow you can assign roles to your employees automatically.  This makes it easy to compare your default setup to the currently assigned roles of your employees.

Advantages of this Tool

  • The amount of manual actions when maintaining the roles and rights of your colleagues decrease drastically.
  • With assigning roles automatically you don’t just save time, but you mainly decrease the risk of errors. You can guarantee your colleagues that they’ve access to the functionalities they need based on their job and responsibilities.
  • If you can compare your default setup with the current situation, you can perform an information and security audit much easier.