This tool add-on allows you to browse on  data within Synergy browsers, from SQL databases in your back office ERP software or other software.

The browse feature gives you the option to browse on any data by making use of standard system browsers or creating your own browser.  As an example, you can modify your request free fields so that you can browse on and select purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, financial entries, warehouses, items from your back office database.

With the existing free fields in Synergy you can browse on Items, Projects, Tax codes, People, Assortment, Requests, Documents, Accounts, Contacts and Transactions.  Any other data is not browsable via the request fields in standard Synergy Enterprise.  With this browse feature, this limitation is eliminated.

Ensure that all of the data entered into workflow requests is verified values, not just a value that someone may think about, search the database and place in a free form value.  It will provide much cleaner data.