This tool “Workflow Plus Bulk Actions” was created to assist resources manage their workflows, especially system administrators clearing out old and unwanted requests.

Within Synergy, there is a section called “My Work.” In this menu, an employee has the ability to do bulk changes to workflow requests that are assigned to them. (25 of them in a single step)

Our tool allows a System Administrator, or other employees with the ability to access the link to do these bulk actions, but cap complete 1,000 at a single process. The following Bulk Actions for workflows can be completed:

  • Bulk Approve
  • Bulk Realize
  • Bulk Process
  • Bulk Delete
  • Bulk Reject
  • Bulk Assign
  • Bulk Re-Open
  • Bulk Re-Submit

Once the action has been completed, a results screen will appear announcing the change for each workflow.  This is how simple this task can be done managing multiple requests for actions.