This Tool “Workflow Plus e-Mail Notifications” provides value when notifying Resources that do not often check Synergy that they have a new request assigned to themselves.

It may be that your organization just started using Synergy and people don’t log in to Synergy regularly enough to check their workflow?  Your managers are not logging into Synergy and are not seeing the new requests which are pending in their workflow for approval, but will always check their e-mail on their smart phones?

By only using Exact Synergy Enterprise, it’s not possible to automatically send an e-mail when a person has a new request in their workflow.  There are other tools (such as the Event Manager) available which allow you to send e-mails based on events which you can setup.

If you are only interested in sending e-mail notifications when a person has a new request in their workflow, the Event Manager solution could be overkill and be more difficult who wants what e-mail notifications on which request types.

The Workflow Plus E-mail Notification has the following features:

  • E-mail can be send via SMTP or Exchange
  • Easy to setup via the request type setup.  The e-mail notification can be enabled to inform the user via email when they have to approve, realize or process a request
  • It may also inform the creator of the request via e-mail once a request is rejected or approved
  • In the event that a user doesn’t want to receive the auto e-mail notification, the user can disable receiving the e-mail message for a specific request type
  • A standard e-mail message will be sent and the user can open the request in Synergy via a link in the e-mail
  • The e-mail will be send real time after the user created, approved, realized or rejecting the request
  • The e-mail sender will be the user who created, approved, realized or rejected the request