This tool, Workflow Plus e-Mails” allows your organization to send the request details including attachments via e-mail. And you decided that you do not want to use an Event Manager Task to create and send this e-mail.

In Synergy Enterprise, there are two limitations when you like to send the request details by email directly from the request:

  • Microsoft Outlook needs to be installed
  • Attachments are not included

With the Exact Synergy Enterprise Workflow Plus Email tool:

  • Email is sent via your SMTP or exchange, Microsoft Outlook doesn’t need to be installed
  • Any attachment linked to the request or linked to the document which is linked to the request can be included in your email
  • Email addresses can be selected from a multi select browser and all email addresses (person, contact person or accounts) in Exact Synergy are easily selectable
  • An email address also can be entered manually in case the email details are not in Synergy.