With this tool, the request will only go to the next step or status when ALL persons who have the request in their workflow have approved, realized or processed the request.

Within the Approve / Realize or Process statuses, roles are used to allow multiple resources to move the status forward. In standard Synergy, when one resource completes the status move (or assumes the request), it is eliminated form all of the other resources within the role. In many cases, when creating a workflow request this is not the desired process.

Many customers have employed the use of the Event Manager to trigger off multiple requests to each individual within a role, but this becomes complicated in viewing the status of each of these requests.

Other customers used requests which previously had to use the “Process flow” feature, but this was limiting as it was a strictly linear process, awaiting the change of status to a single resource before moving forward.

You may use this tool when more than one resource needs to review a vacation request before it can go to your Human Resources department to process?

Or do you have a document that need to be reviewed and commented on by departments such as finance, legal, and operations before it is finally approved?

In the workflow search, a new column is added which will show all the persons who have approved, realized or processed the request.

Also within the request, you will see all of the resources that have been assigned this request, and their status, such as who and when they pushed the status to a different level, but are still awaiting other resources’s actions.