The tool “Workflow Plus Multiple Purchase Limits in Requests” allows a check to occur not only at the “Approve” status (which is standard Synergy functionality), but also at the “Realize” and “Process” statuses.

This check provides the ability to examine a value (Purchase Limit) that is listed on a Resource’s Human Resources card and compare it to a value in a workflow request (Amount field).

In the event that a Resource’s limit than the value of the “Amount” Field in the request, it will look for another manager resource that has a high enough limit to “Approve / Realize / Process” the request.  This will begin at the Resource’s Manager.

This functionality can be added to a request at whatever stage you are on, other than “New” which would not be logical.  This is done by adding five additional option fields in a request.  These include:

  • Approve – Purchase limit: remark
  • Realize – Purchase limit
  • Realize – Purchase limit: remark
  • Process – Purchase limit
  • Process – Purchase limit: remark

As an added functionality, we can now link multiple purchase limits can be linked to a Resource.  With these new limits, the purchasing of office supplies (non-inventory items) may have a lower limit than if the Resource was also purchasing items for sales and production.  Rules are built by your System Administrator and the tool manages the purchase limit process.

This Purchase Limit tool also allows you to use Roles with this process.  If no Resources exist with the proper level for handling this dollar value in the division, it will look for a person with the same rols at the Group Level.

This tool is included with the purchase of the Procurement module.