In Synergy Enterprise, you have the option to assign a workflow request to another Resource. The assigning can only be done for the current active stage. You don’t have the option to plan somebody in future stages of the workflow.

Standard Synergy also has a limit of number of the persons you can assign it to, that being only one person.

The tool “Workflow Plus Planned Assign” provides two features:

  • Assign a workflow to one single or multiple users in the current step
  • Two additional roles (groups) are available for the approve, realize and process stage

When building the request, you may plan the routing of the workflow.  Your planning options include:

  • Upon submit or re-submit (when rejected)
  • Upon Approve status
  • Upon Realize status
  • Upon Re-Open

When used in combination with the add-on Workflow Plus Multiple Approval tool, it ensures that all persons must approve, realize or process before the request moves to the next stage.