With the tool “Workflow Plus Reports On Cards”, a resource can now directly view one or more SSRS reports (including charts and graphs) when the card is opened.  The cards that a report can be launched from include:

  • Account Card
  • Contact Card
  • Item Card
  • Project Card
  • Opportunity Card
  • Division
  • Person (Employee)
  • Cost Unit
  • Cost Center

Without this tool in Exact Synergy Enterprise to view a specific SSRS report, a resource will normally have to go to a specific card, open the report(s) in the monitor section, choose the report and then refresh the report.

Or in the event the card does not have a monitor section, the resource will go to the menu report section, choose the report, fill in the parameters and refresh.

This tool is extremely useful, when data from another system and database  needs to be linked to a card.  A good example is when Macola Progression customers using Synergy need to access data such as sales activity for a specific account.

The SSRS report will link to the Macola Progression database and extract the necessary fields.  Information that is displayed is available and every time the Account card is opened or refreshed.