Your resource is  reviewing a workflow request and a decision needs to be made to push the request forward to its next status or reject it.  In many cases, additional information is necessary to make this decision.

Typically the resource will open a new window and search for this information, either in Synergy or another software package.  Once the information that is needed for the decision, then the resource will return to the request.

There is a much more efficient way for a resource to view that information while in the Synergy workflow request.  With this tool, the SSRS Report will directly be shown when a resource opens the workflow request.

As an example, a workflow request with four steps is created by a resource.  It flows to the first actor within the request, who has to make a decision to Approve or Reject.  That resource will look at the SSRS report embedded in the request and make their decision.  This report may be placed on a separate tab within the request.

The workflow progresses to the next actor within the request, who needs to also make a decision to Realize or Reject the request.  They look at possibly the same report or other reports within the requests.  If the request is “Realized”, then the Processor can look at another SSRS report to complete or reject the flow.

Using this tool will make the handling of workflow requests faster as resources are staying within the request and not other software packages.

A total of five (5) reports can be displayed in a single workflow request, giving alot of visibility into Synergy and your back office software.

This report will always display refreshed data from the tables.  It is not a static report that needs to be updated by a System Administrator periodically.