This tool, “Workflow Plus Request Field Visibility” allows you to have fields within the visible for only certain users in your workflow request. You create a workflow request that is entered by one of your Resources, but for internal use you want to hide certain fields to some of the Resources.

With this workflow feature, you can determine the visibility of a request field by setting the security level and/or role. This is accomplished by maintaining your request field definition in the “Visible” section in addition to setting the visibility by status of the workflow process:

  • New
  • Open
  • Approved
  • Realized
  • Processed
  • Rejected

You may now also set the security level or security role. With the role selection, you may filter this field by:

  • Corporate
  • Group
  • Division
  • Cost Center Group
  • Cost Center
  • Reseller
  • Project

You may also make the field hidden through the use of a value based upon a field within the request.

To enable this feature, an Administrator will need to be in the Request: Field section of a Request Definition.  New fields will appear on each of the fields in the “Visible” section.

When opening the request, the security level, dependency value and security roles of the user will be checked against the request field setting.  As an example, in case the security level of the user is lower than the security level as defined in the request field setting, the request field will not be shown to the user.  For other users which have the same security level or higher as set in the request field setting, the field will become visible.