This tools is used when organizations utilize Divisions, Cost Center Groups and Cost Centers for
their multi-Division Synergy sites.  If your organization is not using multiple Divisions, you will
find limited application for this tool.

In Synergy,  you have the option to assign a role to a person with one of the following levels:

  • Corporate
  • Group
  • Division
  • Cost Center Group
  • Cost Center

When the division level is assigned for a role and this is also linked in a request type with the
level division, the person(s) which has/have the division level will get the request assigned.

As an example, assume this scenario whereby in a division one or more persons in the HR Cost Center should get a Workflow Request for the Cost Centers HR, IT and Finance and not for Operations.

The requirement is that only the request which have the person from HR or IT or Finance should be
assigned to the Resource(s) in the HR Cost Center.

With the current standard implementation of the role levels this is not possible.  When you set
the level to division, requests also for the Operations Cost Center will be assigned to the person
responsible for HR, IT and Finance.

Setting the level to cost center group could be possible, but in this case HR, IT and Finance are
not in the same Cost Center Group.  Setting the level at Cost Center will also not work as the
request for Cost Centers HR, IT and Finance should be routed to the HR person(s).

This Workflow Plus Role Access Level tool will make this possible as for each role linked to
a Resource, additional Division Group(s), Division(s), Cost Center Group(s) and/or Cost
Center(s) can be added.

In this example, we can add the HR, IT and Finance Cost Center to this Resource’s role.  This means that this person will only get a request assigned when a person is in the HR, IT or Finance Cost Center and not in Operations.