When using a request, it may be helpful to require a signature to be entered and saved.  This tool allows signatures to be entered into a workflow request field.

Ten different signatures may be added to a single workflow request.  The options for these new fields in Synergy are similar to existing functionality, including labeling, visibility, editing, positioning and mandatory requirements.

A great example may be an organization that delivers products to their customers and using a tablet, can require the customer to sign off on the receipt of the product.  You may also find that it will be useful when service is done on an item, and all members of the repair staff need to sign their approval.

Another idea for the use of this tool would be when a training class is completed and the instructor needs to have the participants (employees or customers requiring certifications in their products) sign off in a workflow request, even though they never go into Synergy. This can be accomplished by the instructor opening a workflow request and one-by-one, each of the participants signing their name.

One other customer is planning on using this tool to document which employees have worked on a specific machine in their manufacturing environment and needs an actual signoff to the work for their ISO program.