Welcome to the Site Dedicated to Exact Software’s Synergy Enterprise

On our site, you will find tools, manuals and tips that have been developed and published to enhance your organization’s use of Synergy Enterprise. This product that can help solve many business issues for organizations, including a “Single Source of Data” for all employees.

We will be publishing Synergy Tips weekly, so check back often for them and our new tools.


EventPaks (pre-defined solutions) and tools have been developed that will provide added Synergy Enterprise functionality and will lead to shorter implementation cycles.

We work with Synergy developers throughout the world, bring the “Best-of-Breed Solutions to our customers.” When you purchase a tool from us, you will receive installation and training assistance.

If you have a need for a solution, but do not see it in on this website, contact us.


Manuals that we have published provide practical knowledge on specific Synergy Enterprise functionality.

If you do not see the manual on a topic that you require, contact us as we may have other documents already developed but not yet on our website.