Specifically designed for distributors and manufacturers, Exact Macola 10 (EM10) is a software solution that ties in every element of your business.

Macola 10 is the next evolution of Macola, and is a huge leap forward toward a more natural ERP experience that increases the speed and accuracy of doing business.

Macola 10 enables automated processes that can commonly replace manual data entry – saving both time and money, while increasing accuracy. This new functionality enables you to easily complete transactions with quotes, orders, inventory, master data maintenance and more without reentering data in multiple screens. It’s core ERP functionality includes accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing modules.

Macola 10’s highly configurable workspaces aim to provide the same user experience across client/server, browser-based and mobile platforms. This new interface generates smart, contextual menus – offering you options and data that are contextually significant. In other words, it shows the right menus at the right times and enables you to take action directly from that screen.

Unlimited business activity monitoring is included, allowing users to create automated actions which are triggered by predefined business conditions. These “business events” are incredibly flexible, with thousands of potential conditions and responses.

In Macola 10, you utilize Synergy functions that include:
> Document management capabilities allow users to share documents and knowledge securely – in real time – from any location.

> Workflow tools enable you to align all parties involved in a process, and automatically route tasks to the next person in the chain, eliminating redundant work and reducing overhead.

> Integrated CRM functionality allows you to store customer information centrally for easy access from
anywhere and streamline customer interactions.

Moving to Macola 10 means that you will find value in all of the tools and manuals on this website.