Is your organization using Exact Synergy Enterprise for your employees, but your Sales Department is continuing to work with SalesForce?  Do you fight the battle to standardize on one system that integrates into your Back Office ERP solution, or do you spend hours developing links to both products?

Our SalesForce Integration tool allows you to link the two products on a bi-directional basis.  The interface is very flexible and you determine what type of data is transferred and in what direction.

Data that is supported includes:

  • Accounts Management
  • Contacts
  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Person – linking a Synergy Resource to a SalesForce User

Does additional data need to be transferred?  Using SalesForce Objects, we can link them to Synergy Enterprise Entities.

For customers that desire Sales History from an ERP Software package to SalesForce, we have a Sales History Data Mapping Add-on.  Using this Tool will provide you with your ERP Sales History Data in SalesForce.  There is an added cost for this module.

We also have an ERP interface that will bring sales orders from into back office software.  There is an added cost for this module.