Creating workflow requests can be a fun process.  However, it can be very trying and you will need to have patience as you are building them.  I always suggest that you take a step backwards before creating your first Synergy Enterprise workflow request.

Start by reading this manual and look at some of the best practices that we recommend.  Clearly define what you are trying to accomplish for your organization, before you begin laying out the request.

Working with Synergy has shown us that creating new “Requests” is not a clearly defined process that can be repeated in the same manner each time.

It is a very fluid process, which requires creativity and a commitment of trial & error linked with patience (while creating / testing the requests) to reach your desired results.

Our manual is meant to help you as a workflow creator to put the process in place for all of your development work.

The example shown in this guide covers a very common process used by customers – Handling Customer Complaints.

It is assumed that the creator of new workflow requests and processes will have an understanding of Synergy Enterprise, including data tables, roles, request fields and security levels.