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This manual is designed to teach users how to build custom asp pages within Synergy Classic (ASP).   Out-of-the-box Synergy  provides many standard views and searches which provide information for employees to use.  Some of these standard views also include the ability to export data.

This manual was developed to highlight the process of creating custom ASP pages which are viewable in Synergy for your use.

Your System Administrator can create these ASP Pages and provide access to Resources by having buttons created in standard screens, linking them to custom Start Pages or using the Favorites Link.

To use this manual, it is important that the creator of these views have a basic understanding of creating and modifying SQL statements.  Additionally, knowledge of the table and fields in the Back Office software is necessary to extract the proper data.

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Search Parameters that can be used in these ASP pages include Account, Contact, Resource, Item, Project, Request or Date Range.  This allows the use of very specific filtering options within your new pages.

The manual has twenty-five (25) example ASP pages that correspond to the information that is contained within the document.

The cost for this manual is $125.