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The “Effectively Using Fields Within Requests” manual is a valuable guide to the use of the various Request Fields for workflow when using Exact’s Synergy Enterprise.

This manual will provide instructions to help you as create new workflow requests.  As you begin the process of building these requests, you will find many fields which could possibly be used.

You will find that this documentation will give you insight on when to use a Free Text field instead of a Free GUID.

Or what fields can be used when calculations need to be utilized within a request?

Or how can I select drop downs for the request?

Or how does the field data look in your SQL database?

Knowing how these fields are used will save you valuable time in your development and the creation of these request definitions.

As you start planning which fields you need to use, you may find that other fields can be used, saving valuable Free Text Fields (or others) that you may need that allow values to be predefined  as dropdowns.

This manual has over 175 pages of valuable information.  A sample page is displayed on this screen.  Click on the image to expand the size of the view.

The cost for this manual is $75.

Screen shots and fields used in this manual are based upon Synergy Enterprise Version 255.