What can Synergy Do for My Organization?

We have created a document showing examples of other Synergy customers and how they use the product. This is a great reference manual when you are thinking "What Else Can Synergy Enterprise Do For Us."

ExamplesThis manual is a valuable guide to Exact’s Synergy Enterprise customers, especially new converts to the software.  We have heard from many Synergy customers – “How do I use this product?”or better yet “What is Synergy?”

We have taken examples from customers and placed them into this document on various ways they use the Synergy product.  We have categorized these examples by different departments within an organization.

This is by no means a complete listing of what can be done with the product.  It was created to start the thought process within an organization on what is possible with Synergy.  Customers that approach our organization have done some fantastic applications that we are now entering into our manual.

This manual has 135 pages of valuable information.  If you have other ideas on how your organization uses Synergy, please contact us so that we may include them in future revisions of this document.

There is no cost for this document, however you must contact me at dkloepfer@synergyexpert.com for an electronic delivery.