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The “Internal Business Processes with Workflow and Projects” manual was created to show an example of how a Synergy customer could use workflow and projects.

This manual provides an example of an internal project (creating a marketing brochure) for the Sales Department.  Meetings are held by staff members, using requests for the calendar activities and notes.

Status of the project is determined through the viewing of specific requests, which could be labeled “Milestones” in other Project Management software.

Documents and Workflow linked with this project are captured and easily accessible.

If you have not created a workflow process as of yet, this manual will help you understand how Synergy can be of benefit to your organization in the many varied business processes that you have in use today.

Once you review the information, you should have a more focused idea of how a Synergy workflow process can be created  and used.  Following the examples in this manual, you should be able to duplicate this process for your business.  Or at the very least, be able to share your ideas more effectively with your Synergy consultant for their development  of your processes and use of Synergy.

This manual has 99 pages of valuable information and uses Synergy Classic (ASP) screen displays.

The cost for this manual is $75.

The manual is being revised using Synergy Enterprise (Version 254) screens.