The main objective of a manual is to show employees “how it’s done.”  Understanding all of the functions of Synergy can be very daunting to your staff.

If your employees find the product overwhelming and confusing, it is very common that resistance will occur that could sabotage the Synergy project.  We have found that the use of custom Start Pages will simplify the training and implementation for Resources.

This manual will provide examples of Start Pages and how to build your own.  We recommend that every category of users ( such as departments in an organization) have a Start Page created for their common day-to-day activities.

Creating a Start Page is simple.  Using these templates, you should be able to create your own within an hour.

Typically it takes longer to find and insert an icon than it does to create a link to another ASP page or Workflow request.  We have even included a selection of icons to shorten your time in developing a Start Page.

The cost for this manual is $55.