Data DictionaryOne of the most important, but definitely most neglected tasks is the proper documentation of Workflow Requests.

To protect the work that has been completed when building your workflow requests, we are recommending that System Administrators do two tasks, in addition to regular scheduled backups of your SQL database:

> Document which fields are used in which requests
> Create an XLM export of the file definitions

We have created an Excel spreadsheet that includes all of the available fields within a workflow request. After you have developed a workflow, simply document the fields that were used and what they were renamed.

Beneath each of the workflow comments, you can document the fields that were used for the steps and the employees or Roles that were assigned for each stage.

We have also included Tabs in the spreadsheet that showcase the fields that are used in the Accounts, Contacts, Addresses, Projects, Human Resources, Logistics, Documents and Opportunities.