On Account Cards in Synergy Enterprise, there exists 2 hyperlinks on the first line of the address that may be displayed.  These hyperlinks direct a Resource to:

A map of the location of the Address

The route from your present location

You have an option when using the hyperlinks: You may use either the values of:

Which will not display the hyperlink on the Account Card

My Preference, since it will display two Hyperlinks (Map & Route)  On the Route, it uses your existing location.

MapQuest: Address
Which pulls up the MapQuest screen, which allows you to see the location of the Account on a map.  Directions can be created, provided you manually enter your Starting Location.

MapQuest: City
Which pulls up the same information as the other MapQuest hyperlink.

To get to this link and make any changes, use the path “Customers / Setup / Other / Settings / Hyperlink Services”, while you are in the Edit mode.