This report is found under the menu structure of Accounts (Customers) / Reports / Accounts / Not Validated.

When accounts are entered and made “Not Validated”, it is important to manage them.  In many cases, these may have been uploaded in bulk in Synergy Enterprise through the Import Accounts tool.

The report is extremely useful when you look at the search filters that are available to use, primarily the Date Range and the Source.  The date range is used for searching Accounts (Non-Validated) that were created within a specific time period.  The source looks at the drop down list defined in Synergy Enterprise for this field.

When using Non-Validated Accounts, you may wish to use the Remarks Field to help identify how they were made new accounts.  However it is very difficult to search for data within the Remarks field.

Clicking on the Account link in this report will not take you to the Account Card, but to the Account: Actions which allows you to add, merge or delete the record.