The Import Wizard tools found in ESE (Customers / Entry / Accounts Import Wizard) is used to add both Accounts and Contacts.  The main issue when importing list of new Accounts and or Contacts is that a new Account would be generated when uploading.  It is extremely important that the Excel Spreadsheet must have the Account Code in order to upload Contacts.

Without this Code, Synergy cannot validate Account Names and will treat this import spreadsheet to contain new Accounts / Contacts.  The goal of importing is to avoid multiple instances of Accounts in ESE, that truly belong to one Code.

We have two options to assist:

1.  Separate your main contacts into a separate spreadsheet / data set from all the other contacts on an Account.  Import these without the Account code to have it generate the accounts.  Following this task, go into ESE and look up the Account codes from the import.  Place the Account codes into the spreadsheet with all the other contacts in an Account Code column.  Then import these in a new import process to add them to the Accounts.

Option 2:  You may generate the Accounts manually in ESE and update your spreadsheet to have the Account Code for each Account.  Then you import the data set to add all contacts to the Accounts.