Adding an Account or many Accounts to a Synergy Enterprise project can be accomplished by using the Accounts hyperlink in the Monitor section.  There is no limit (that I am aware of) for the number of Accounts that may loaded with a project.

Instead of all information on a project being stored in the PrProject table, accounts for the projects are stored in the SQL table ProjectAccounts.  They are linked together with the Project Number.

Two items that you need to be made aware of include the first caveat on the standard search for Projects is the field ‘Accounts’ found in the Column headings.  When this is added to the search for the results, only one of the accounts are listed in the project listing.

A second caveat is in the Reports / Projects / Accounts linkage, which will only display one of the accounts listed in the project in the view.  Our solution is to have an SSRS Report showing Projects and all accounts that are linked.

At the present time, entering accounts into a project is a manual process.  We have a tool in development that will allow multiple accounts to be downloaded to a single project, as in the case of a marketing campaign.  Call me for status of this tool.

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