Many customers have a very limited knowledge of Synergy Enterprise and how workflow can benefit them.  They think of workflow as a very limited four steps – from beginning to end.

Workflow is much more than that in Synergy.

Of course you can link up to 10 workflow requests together in a Process Flow, however it is a strictly linear process. No logic can be used to move one direction to another.

Using the Event Manager, it is possible to link workflows together to create a large multi-step flow.  For example, when a value in one of the request fields is added / deleted or left blank – the Event Manager could create a new workflow process.

As an example, when the field says “Yes” the Event Manager will stay in the same request and move to the next step. If the field says “No”, a new workflow request can be created, while the existing is closed and is now used for historical information.

Our document “Examples of Synergy Enterprise Within an Organization” can be requested from our organization and we will mail you the link to download it.  It is quite large and unable to attach to an e-mail to get past limits on sizes of attachments.  This is a free download.

This document will share with you some ideas on how Synergy Enterprise could work in your organization.  And through the linking of workflow requests, be very flexible in meeting your business process flow with logic included.