A System Administrator (Synergy Role of Administrator) can control the look of Synergy to all Resources through the set-up in Preferences / Corporate: Settings.

The following Corporate Wide Defaults can be used to eliminate Resources from changing their Synergy:

  • Language  (Here in US use “AE”)
  • Date Format  (Here in US use “mm/dd/yyyy”)
  • Time Format  (Suggest 24 Hour clock)
  • Number Format  (Suggest “123,456,789.00”
  • Style  (Whichever you decide – I like Snow White and Silver & Red)
  • Start Page (URL) Documents  (This will display automatically when a User Logs in.  Clicking the Homepage button will allow you to select another Start Page in Synergy)
  • Appearance  (Used to Notify Resources when there is new product news pushed to Synergy)
  • Show: Dashboards  (This will eliminate Resources from creating new Homepages)
  • Show: Product News Notifications
  • Document – Printable Layout  (Used only for Employee Self Service Roles, Resellers, Suppliers and Customers – All Professional or CRM Roles may decide to print documents using the defined layout or not)

These settings can be used to standardize your Synergy Implementation.  They may be of use to you while administering your Synergy.