Many times, Managers and Resources have a large number of requests in which future action is required.  As advanced users, they may have found that there are many ways to filter and sort the requests within their workflow.

Keeping your workflow as a simple To-Do List can be handled easily by entering the “End Date” in a Workflow Request.  This may be done in all request or a limited number of requests that you wish to add to this To Do List.

Once the Request has been modified by adding the End Date field (and making it Mandatory) so that it will show up with the Workflow Search.

To Search for these requests, follow these steps:

1.  Open your Workflow screen

2. Click on the Customize icon on the screen

3. Select the “End Date: Future<= Value” from the Selection Criteria section

4. Click “Save”

5. When you reopen the Workflow Search, enter “0” as a filter.  This will display all workflow requests with an end date up to and including today is displayed

By changing the number of days, you can look for To Do(s) that are within 7 days or similar date ranges

End Date