In Synergy Enterprise, many Resources (Users) go to the searches and never personalize (customize) their search criteria and results.  It is quite beneficial to note that changes to one Resources search screens do not affect any other Resources settings.  Everyone has a unique screenset.

Customizing a search is as simple as looking for the Customize icon on the upper right hand of the Synergy Advanced Search page (or can accessed by the Alt U command)

The top section allows Resources to personalize the results from the actual search.  In other words, which fields do you want displayed when the search is completed.  The Resource can use the left / right arrows to move fields into the results.  The up / down buttons allow you to move the columns into the proper sequence for you.

The next section allows Resources to personalize the criteria that is used when searching.  A check box next to the field will turn on or off this specific field.  One key field that should be checked is Country, when States are to be a criteria.  Without a country selected, the States field will not work for searching.

In some of the search screens, there exists an “Advanced Search” function.  This allows an even greater use of the Search functions.  With Account and Request searches, this advanced function has many fields that can be used.  The use of this function with Resources and Items is very limited.

Many Resources may find it beneficial having multiple searches available.  In this instance, the use of Templates to save specific criteria and results may be very beneficial.  I will have more on this topic in a future Tip of the Day.